Our Story

techdryer-sideTired of replacing their kids electronic devices after getting wet, sisters Patti Hooker and Susan Hunter decided to do something proactive.

They knew that if there were hand-held electronic devices, humans, and water there was bound to be accidents!! The sisters had tried numerous home remedies such as the old put it in a bag of rice but none of them seemed to work.

That’s when they decided to give science a try! After a year of research and development (including soaking over 100 devices) they perfected the techdryer!

Techdryer is designed to quickly effectively and safely remove all of the moisture from deep within any water-logged device.

Simply remove any cases/covers, towel dry the device and place in the techdryer bag!

Seal the top of the techdryer well and let the high powered sponge-like material in the packet inside the bag do its job.

In 24-72 hours your device will be completely dried out and good as new!