Frequently Asked Questions


When to use techdryer?

It is best to use techdryer immediately after your electronic device encounters water. These water episodes are hard to predict so we recommend having a techdryer on hand.

Is there another way to use techdryer?

You can also use techdryer on a daily basis to protect your electronics from everyday moisture and humid environments. You can simply use your techdryer as a storage bag.

How long does techdryer last for?

You can use your techdryer once if your electronic device has been completely immersed and soaked in water. Leave the device in your techdryer for 24-72 hours.

This bag can only be used once.

If you are using techdryer daily as a place to store your devices away from moisture we recommend replacing it after 1-2 months.

Can you put multiple devices in one techdryer?

Yes you can. If you are using techdryer as a storage bag against moisture we recommend you dont overcrowd it so you can seal the bag comfortably.

If you are using techdryer to dry out a soaked device that has been completely immersed in water we recommend 1 device per techdryer to allow for maximum drying capabilities.

What if my phone falls into a liquid other than water?

techdryer is very effective when it comes to drying out a soaked device when it encounters water.

We cannot guarantee that if your device comes into contact with liquids that are not water based like gasoline or oil that it will be able to restore it to working condition the same it would with water.

We recommend it best to consult the manufacturer of your device for directions on how to clean, dry out and return the device to its regular working condition.

What type of electronic devices can I put in techdryer?

You can put all types of electronic devices in techdryer from cell phones, ipods and cameras to name a few.