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    Purchase a techdryer today!

    The most innovative moisture removal system for your electronics.

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    Protect Your Devices

    techdryer quickly and safely removes moisture from your devices after they have been exposed to water.


Reliable & Effective

We guarantee your techdryer will remove the moisture from your water-damaged electronic.


Super Fast

techdryer starts to dry your electronics immediately; removing moisture before rusting or corrosion can start!


Customer Support

Our team is ready to get you a techdryer whether for personal use or to sell at your business.


Rice is ineffective at absorbing liquid from the air and is not as much help as people think.

Covering your electronic device in rice often means hours pass before your device begins to dry and usually leaves your phone covered in gunk and harmful dust particles.

When your electronic device gets exposed to water, trust techdryer.

Reasons To Avoid Rice:

  • Takes many hours to begin drying out your electronics.
  • Dust and gunk can form on your electronic devices.

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I was at a trade show and accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet with had important sales transactions on it so I was panicking. Luckily someone had a techdryer™ and VOILA! 24 hours later it worked like a charm. So thankful!

Julia, 52 - Hermosa Beach, CA

My phone was in my gym bag – so was a leaky bottle of water! I’m guessing the phone sat in a little puddle of water for over an hour. I wiped it off an put it in my techdryer™ overnight. It worked perfectly!

Daniel, 25 - Toronto

My buddy pushed me and my phone into a pool. It was soaked and shut off from the water. His Mom had a techdryer™ so I fired it inside for close to 36 hours. To my surprise, it was totally dry. As soon as I turned it on, I received a whole bunch of texts!

Kyle, 17 - Scottsdale, AZ